Board Chair, Ms. Nanci Chance, representative of St. Matthias' Episcopal Church
Treasurer, Ms. Stacey Marks, representative from St. Mark's Cathedral
Ms. Carole Guenther, representative of St. John’s Episcopal Church
Ms. Debbie McCaskill, representative of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
Ms. MaryBeth McVie, representative for Bishop Owensby
Mrs. Marshall Middleton, representative of Holy Cross
Ms. Lauren Ocmand, representative of St. James Episcopal Church
Dr. Barron O’Neal, representative of St. Mark’s Cathedral
Mr. Billy Shea, representative of St. George’s Episcopal Church
Allen Millwork, Board Member at Large
Ms. Anna O’Neal, Board Member at Large
Ms. Mary Wheless, Board Member at Large

Non-voting Ex-officio Members
Mrs. Martha Cooper, wife of the late Rev’d Ken Cooper
The Very Rev'd Jamie Flowers, St. George’s Episcopal Church, Bossier City, and Dean of Convocation
Ms. Becky Kelly and Mrs. Kathryn Pestridge - Nursing Resources
Dr. Wain Thompson, St. James' Episcopal Church and Medical Director

Non-voting members - Clergy
Bishop Jake Owensby, Bishop of the Diocese of Western Louisiana
The Rev'd Frank Hughes - St. John’s Episcopal Church, Minden
The Rev'd Paul Martin - St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Shreveport
The Rev'd Bill McBride - St. Matthias' Episcopal Church, Shreveport
The Rev'd Michael Millard - Christ Memorial, Mansfield
The Rev'd Mary Richard - The Church of the Holy Cross, Shreveport
The Rev'd Kay Hunter - Deacon
The Rev'd Morgan MacIntire, St. James' Episcopal Church
Dean Alston Johnson, St. Mark's Cathedral